Rack System

Rack System


Mechatech offers a variety of racking solutions for any warehouse with palletized loads. Whether you need a few rack parts or a turnkey pallet storage system, we provide racking products which place a premium on space, safety, efficiency and flexibility.

Choosing the right racking system is a much more important (and difficult) decision than most businesses expect, as a number of variables influence ideal configuration.

These factors include:
  • Intended storage weight, shapes, sizes, and rotation requirements
  • Type of lift equipment
  • Unique warehouse architecture
  • Required accessibility to stored inventory (and subsequent ease of retrieval)
  • Through put of inventory
  • Day-to-day warehouse operations

While portable racks may fit the warehousing needs of one company, other might find its space best optimized through the use of different types of racks like (pallet flow rack, cantilever rack, bar rack etc). In most cases, a final solution will incorporate multiple products in one cohesive whole.

We also offer a wide array of accessories and safety products to help maximize your ROI and keep your warehouse in good condition for years to come.

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