Fabrication of material

Fabrication of material

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Mechatech is fully integrated fabrication company. Our staff of project engineers,design engineers, certified welders and machinists offer full range of services from machining, blasting and welding to finishing,testing and assembly of heavy duty metal parts, components and assemblies. They come from multitude of diverse backgrounds and engineering disciplines. The primary focus of our fabricators is to provide solutions for our customer's unique applications ranging from design phase to delivery.

Fabrication is a value added process involving making of required product and structures from various raw materials. It is all about changing the raw materials used in industry to fine products. We accommodate large and small projects for construction and other heavy industries, building a reputation as professional and efficient service providers. In our manufacturing field, we routinely fabricate prototypes, produce parts and build sub-assemblies.

Our business supports complex needs of projects, tailoring our equipments and services to specific requirements. We produce better quality products and give quick turn around due to drafting, welding and material processing all under one roof.

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