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Indian automobile market is one of the fastest-growing markets of the world. Initially, it has faced cost pressures, fluctuating demands, tight schedules for reliable and efficient logistics providers. This has led to the re-evaluation of traditional processes. New logistics technologies, supported by the automobile industry, offers:

Real-time visibility for work-in-process and access to more accurate align production with demand. Faster and more efficient response to change with mobile logistics assets that can be deployed or configured again as and when needed.

At Mechatech, we strongly believe in creating value for both, our customers as well as for ourselves, both for a long and short run. We have a large network trained solution design professionals who engage with prospective customers to understand their requirements. Reducing transit damages is also one of the key features for the automobile industry. We believe in redefining customer's solution vision so that the impact is much greater than the expectations.

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