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Mechatech is an leading industry in the design and implementation of conveyor systems. Mechatech’s conveyor solutions are manufactured to be durable, customizable, maintenance – friendly and reliable according to your requirement. These systems ranges from simple straight line conveyor to a fully sortation system. Our ability to store, distribute, sort and move material efficeintly has enabled our customers to maintain warehouse efficiency while increasing productivity and reducing time and costs.

No matter whether you are distributor, manufacturer or someone who simply store, Our experience with different types of companies gives us an advantage in understanding your requirement and providing the best solution for it.

Transporting products efficiently and safely

At Mechatech, we believe in a customizable solution. All of our conveyors can be designed to meet your specific needs based on specific heights, widths, and speeds. Mechatech's conveyor solutions will provide you with more functionality and are less prone to breakage, which makes your material handling applications more efficient and ultimately, increases profitability.

Mechatech offers a multitude of conveying equipment to transport your products including bag handling, specialized conveyors and pallet handling conveyors.

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